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How a CRM System Can Improve Your Marketing

The marketing norm today seems to be pretty aggressive in its approach. We are bombarded daily with emails promoting companies we've signed up for and even more that we haven't. Our information is so readily accessible that it makes it very easy for any company to acquire our personal details.

In reality we don't tend to open these emails. We're too busy to follow pointless links and we don't welcome poorly targeted spam. It is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to find the right strategy that works for their customers and keeps them coming back.

Nowadays everyone uses social media or blogs. WordPress users alone publish 347 blogs a minute. As soon as someone gives you a good review, boom free positive marketing. Conversely it also works the other way, as soon as someone gives you a bad review, potentially thousands of users (depending on how many followers they have) are put off your product.

The way we think about marketing and our marketing strategies are changing dramatically. The old fashioned marketing technique of 'one message fits all' is no longer valid. 74% of online consumers will not tolerate a website who's content, offers or adds have nothing to do with their interests and instead they will simply look elsewhere. Customers know they can get the same product from a multitude of different online providers so they simply choose the site that is best tailored to their likings.

Marketers have to take a totally different approach to the way they now look at marketing. They need to adopt an individualised and tailored marketing approach.

The main source of inspiration for this should be derived from data and technology. This now leads me on to my main point, how can a CRM system help to improve your outdated marketing strategies and bring you into the 21st century?

Use Data with Ease

A task that most marketers do not enjoy is sifting through pages upon pages of customer data trying to find a lead,a customer whose information indicates that they are more likely to buy. A marketer would then have to use this information to send them a personalised message designed to appeal to them. A CRM system can help marketers to do this with much greater ease. It holds all the customer information in one place, making it much easier to make informed decisions about customers in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Segmentation of Information

Part of a marketers job is to notice their customer trends before offering them anything. In an ideal world marketers could segment not just by jobs, age or industry but many other factors such as which emails they open, what emails they respond to and what they have already purchased. This is where a CRM system comes in. This information is already captured within a CRM and enables you to segment it thus enabling marketers to refine a customers profile. This process helps create more opportunities for messages to be tailored to your customers likes and dislikes therefore pleasing the customer and helping maintain customer retention.

Personalize your emails

One of the most powerful tools a CRM can offer marketers is it allows them to individualise their emails. Nobody likes receiving countless messages addressed to 'Dear Customer/Friend' as it reeks of mass marketing. We know that today's customers want a more personal apraoch. They want to feel that time has been taken to get to know them which is where power of data and CRMs comes into play. A CRM will not only contain every customers details from their name and sex but also who they work for and what their position is. This allows you to tailor your email to that person which improves the chances of a positive response.

Know What Works and Use it

A CRM system will allow you to choose which campaigns were successful and analyse the unsuccessful ones. This means that rather than wasting time starting from scratch every time you start a new campaign you can review the successful ones and use this as a blueprint.

Make the Most of Your Time

Why waste your time on admin when you could be spending it on other more productive tasks like following up leads. A CRM securely stores all your customer information giving you instant access to free up your time to concentrate on the finer details of your marketing campaigns.

Now we are at a point where it is getting more difficult to engage with customers, what modern day marketer can't afford to use a CRM system? If you are interested in knowing more about how SuiteCRM can enhance your marketing then please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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