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SugarCRM Open Source Training Materials

SalesAgility develops and releases core module training manuals for SugarCRM Community Edition version 4.2. As an early demonstration of our commitment to open source, the manuals were released under the GPL open source licence.


SugarCRM Campaign Marketing Training Manuals

SalesAgility develops and releases Campaign Marketing Training materials for SugarCRM Community Edition. The manuals are released as open source, available in SugarForge and free to download.


SugarCRM Community Forums

In a global community of more than 250,000 members, SalesAgility becomes a Top 10 Global Contributor to the SugarCRM Community Forums, contributing key information, advice and providing support to other Community Forum members.


SalesAgility joins OpenSales project

SalesAgility contributes code and development to the OpenSales for Community Edition project. OpenSales was created by Rustin Phares and was the base for what is now Advanced OpenSales. OpenSales initially provided a suite of open source modules delivering Quotes, Invoice and Product management functionality and was an early and important SugarCRM ecosystem project.


SalesAgility delivers 100th SugarCRM project

SalesAgility reached a project milestone, delivering its 100th SugarCRM Community Edition project. Our client base included organisations in USA, Iceland, Germany, France, Australia and Sweden.


Advanced OpenSales 4.5 released

SalesAgility becomes the lead developer and maintainer of OpenSales. Rebranded as Advanced OpenSales (AOS), it is released as open source. AOS is the first in a family of advanced functionality for the Community Edition of SugarCRM. Release 4.5 enhanced previous OpenSales functionality by introducing PDF Template and Contract modules.

May 2011

SalesAgility achieves ISO/9001 accreditation

SalesAgility has always been quality focused, with many processes and procedures in place already. SalesAgility is now accredited to BS EN ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems for Software Design, Development, Training, Hosting and Support Services.


SalesAgility delivers 200th SugarCRM project

With a growing international reputation as a source of high quality engineering solutions, SalesAgility completed its 200th SugarCRM Community Edition project. The client base now includes China and the Irish government.


SalesAgility releases Advanced OpenWorkflow

SalesAgility expands its open source SugarCRM product portfolio with the release of Advanced OpenWorkflow. AOW is a powerful and flexible module that streamlines and automates many of the manual tasks involved with customer acquisition and management.

February 2013

SalesAgility releases Advanced OpenPortal

SalesAgility releases Advanced OpenPortal (AOP). AOP enhances cases functionality and provides customers with an integrated portal for external self-service case management via the Joomla open source CMS.

July 2013

SalesAgility releases SuiteCRM 7.0

SalesAgility releases SuiteCRM to the world. SuiteCRM is SugarCRM supercharged. SuiteCRM is a fully open source CRM, forked from and built upon the latest version of SugarCRM Community Edition. SuiteCRM features all SalesAgility custom modules for Workflow, Quotes, Products, Contracts, PDF Templates, Invoices, Reporting, Advanced Search, Portal, Teams Security and a new user interface. SuiteCRM is a competitor to SalesForce Professional, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM Professional Edition.

October 2013

SalesAgility migrates large SugarCRM Enterprise Edition customer to SuiteCRM

In what is now becoming a regular stream of migration work from SugarCRM Pro and Ent, SalesAgility successfully migrates one of SugarCRM's longest standing and largest European customers from Enterprise Edition to SuiteCRM. Client is delighted and saving £80,000 per annum.

December 2013

SalesAgility releases SuiteCRM 7.1

SuiteCRM 7.1 Is the first major feature enhancement release since the product launch. With enhancements to workflow, the release of Advanced OpenDiscovery, tabs on the user dashboard and the ability to filter and search on sub-panel data.

March 2014


SalesAgility delivers 300th SugarCRM/SuiteCRM project

The release of SuiteCRM drives new customer adoption and SalesAgility delivers its 300th SugarCRM/SuiteCRM project making us one of the largest, most experienced and most successful independent SugarCRM consultancies on the planet.

April 2014


SalesAgility releases SuiteCRM:OnDemand

SuiteCRM On:Demand is a SaaS(Software as a Service) offering for SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM On:Demand enables customers to easily choose hosting and support options and to have a SuiteCRM instance deployed in less than 30 seconds. Uniquely, the customer retains full ownership of their CRM instance and data and can get copies of both at any time.

August 2014

SalesAgility releases SuiteCRM 7.2 Beta

The SuiteCRM 7.2 Beta release includes major module enhancements, notably to Advanced OpenReports to include scheduled reporting, charts, dashlet charts and more. There are also enhancements to the Projects module including Gantt charts and resource management, as well as minor functionality improvements and bug-fixes.

November 2014

Our SugarCRM Products

OpenSalesQuotes, Invoices & Products for SugarCRM

Products, Quotes, Contracts, Invoices and PDF Document templates for SugarCRM Community Edition. Nothing else comes close. .

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Advanced OpenWorkflowWorkFlow automation for SugarCRM

Advanced OpenWorkflow is a  easy-to-use, completely open source (GPL3) feature rich workflow automation module for SuiteCRM and SugarCRM.

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Advanced OpenPortalCase portal for Joomla! & SugarCRM

A fully featured Joomla/SugarCRM component that enables users to deploy a Portal for managing SugarCRM Cases through a web-friendly front end.

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Our Services

SugarCE Customisations

We execute professionally specified solutions for our customers. We are ISO 9001 accredited and have a reputation for delivering fixed-price contracts on-time, on-budget and to-specification. If you'd like to know what's possible with SugarCRM and SuiteCRM, you can view White Papers and Case Studies by clicking the link below.

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CRM training for your business

Our training is designed for small businesses to ensure that their SugarCRM implementation is optimum and that staff get the training that they need to get up and running - quickly, professionally and properly.

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World Class Support

At SalesAgility, we are passionate about helping businesses to exploit the benefits of open source CRM software. The quality of our people, their knowledge and their expertise enables us to implement, develop, and support an extensive range of open source SugarCRM and SuiteCRM solutions for diverse business sectors.

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